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Special thanks to our 2015 FIFEC Conference website sponsor for the third straight year,  Akerman!











Next meeting:

Friday September 25, 2015 – Caribe Royale Orlando – Antiqua 1 – 10AM

These are just a few more of the kind comments we have received about this year's conference.


Thank you for letting me be part of this very successful conference. In addition to many familiar faces, there were quite a few new attendees. That combination is what makes for success. Congratulations on this excellent turnout, and continued success in the future!


Thank you for being such gracious hosts! It was a great event and your team was truly impressive. I’ve been to a lot of conferences, and you have one of the best volunteer operations around. I certainly hope to be back next year to continue the dialogue.


I enjoyed the experience.  FIFEC is the best conference compared to others around the country.  Thank you for the opportunity.


We consider it an honor to present at FIFEC and to support your never-ending efforts.


I had a great time presenting this year.  You guys run a very nice conference.





CLE Bar Approvals - 2015 - Course Number #1501656N, 16 credits of which 10 are ethics


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1. Provide education and training for the insurance fraud investigation community.

2. Promote a coordinated effort within the insurance industry and law enforcement to combat insurance fraud by participating in activities approved by the Executive Committee.

3. Educate the local communities including but not limited to law enforcement, prosecutors, government agencies and the general public on ways to combat insurance fraud.


Fighting Insurance Fraud through Education and Commitment

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